The Beginning


It all started back when the Seattle Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl! You see, Heather (as referenced in my about page) is an avid Seahawks fan and the troupe wanted to make her idea of doing a Seattle Seahawks photo shoot come alive!

This was only my 2nd time doing a real photo shoot, my first was a number of boudoir photos  that I put into a book as a wedding gift for my husband. Granted he loved it; when I got divorced I confiscated the book of course! But back to the point, I had never felt so amazing in my life as I did during that photo shoot so I jumped at helping in this one!

What I am learning about myself as a model; I am a serious person and I need to learn to have fun! However, I have to give thanks to the lovely Zsa Zsa Bordeaux who was making funny faces and cracking jokes behind Heather when she got the above shot! Some folks say, “A true smile is more beautiful then words”.

It was those two experiences that pressed forward my modeling desire. I have always wanted to be an alternative model, ever since I was a young soul. But back in those days photographers didn’t want anything to do with plus size bodies. But times are changing and the body positive movement is growing strong and I am excited to see how this moves forward!



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