… and then there was red


A wonderful photo shoot taken in the woods with Heather

There comes a time when you must break out of your normal color pallet, and though I love me some nice black and juicy earth tones… some times you just have to see red!


Post Valentines Day Photo Shoot with Heather

I have begun the adventure of learning what colors look good on my skin tone and I am still learning what types of cloths look good on my body shape. So far, it’s a work in progress but I am actually enjoying myself for once.

You see, being of a larger body for most of my life, my relationship with cloths has always sucked. Back in the day of my childhood, plus size clothing was not very popular (and I am talking only 14/18 here even as low as a size 12), and Lane Bryant was a brand new concept in my area. Further to that, it catered to older women leaving most of their cloths made of spandex blends and floral prints.   All of which a growing teen wanted nothing to do with!

By the time I graduated college we had Fashion Bug (aka Catherines ) and the all too spendy Torrid. But the more I observed the cloths for plus sized women, the more I saw nothing but what my mom and I call “the burlap bag concept” yes, cloths that fit but are shapeless! Nothing a hourglass borderline pear would ever want to wear!

This is honestly why being a tomboy and wearing guys clothing worked for me… back then. But now, with the body positive movement and famous folks putting their foot down on social body norms and breaking out their own fashion lines; well cloths are now looking less ‘bag’ like and are also moving into the world of cotton!

I must say, even lingerie is being made adorable for the plus size body! Trust me, I went kicking and screaming to Lane Bryant last month with my boyfriend. He was trying to convince me that they have changed their ways, but I could not get past the flashbacks of the Black/White/Tan granny pantie and extremely full coverage bra days!

Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised and walked out with a variety of panties (trying to find a style that feels good) and a lovely (not too expensive) bra that looks extremely sexy!

Yes, my bf won major rocken points even with the “I told you so” delivery and since he has such a nice taste in style, he’s been drafted to be my shopping buddy!

Yes, I am sure you will hear all about it! Why? Because this is part of my adventure and I know many who struggle with the same such as I!



P.s. I have found that red and pink are actually not evil colors 😉


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