My dating track record is rather short; but it appears the routine for the last 9 years are Jar Heads… For those of you not privy on military slang this is a US Marine.  My ex-husband was one, and when I went dating again all the hits were more. I have no issues with it honestly, military folk are pretty much like every one else; they can be an ass or they can be a sincere and genuine individual. Now, before your undies get into a bunch I say “just like everyone else” extremely, so very extremely loosely!!!

I have loved ones, friends and acquaintances who have served in many different branches; some have not witnessed combat while others have. Now that shapes someone, changes them and there is no way for someone to say that those individuals are, just-like-everyone-else. I say that with absolutely no judgment, no negative intention or feeling. It just is; I know folks who came back fine and I know those who have lost either physically or mentally. I by no means, will ever be able to say I understand because I know that coming from someone who has never been in a situation like that will never truly understand. I can fathom, guess, get close to but never really be 100% on the same page of understanding. For the most part those who have served have been grateful for being honest and open when ever they feel comfortable with coming to me should they wish or need to.

With that said; I have learned more about our history by my interactions with my military friends then I have ever learned in school… so, it is time to Remember…

Let’s remember what occurred on the 7th of December in 1941 and take a moment to be thankful, mindful and quiet for those who served and those who lost at Pearl Harbor.

I am still working on getting involved in the support of our VET and Military community but I can honestly say, as soon as I can fit into one of these gal’s shirts I will arrange a photo shoot and wear that darn thing with love and support! It’s just one step of a lot of very small ones, but you don’t begin anything by standing still!

Check them out Girls4Gunslingers and see what they are all about! So much is to be done to support our men and woman who are serving and have served!



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