Question of the Day

I decided to do something a little different today so I reached out to my followers on Facebook to see what they would like to learn about me.


I have been trying to think up a blog topic. Then it hit me! Ask my readers! What would any of my followers like to know about me?

Posted by Vyxen VonWolfie on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I received a quick reply; I am always skeptical as most Burlesque performers or Pinup models receive some oddball questions; however, this one was good!

“What goes through my head when I dance?” – Asked by Mr. Adair Alan

I have had to really sit and think about this; for me, dance is different depending on style. There is a different feeling in my performance as a Belly dancer then as a Burlesque performer. Though, there is also some similarities.

For me music is my medication, my counsel, my outlet to plug into my spiritual self. Depending on the type of music I am literally able to shift myself into a different energy level (go ahead you nonbelievers it’s okay to skip over this). I often use music to get into the space I need to be in so I can clear homes and perform Reiki. This is similar energy to when I belly dance, especially solos.

For belly dance I usually keep to an earthy feeling, most of my performances are extremely grounded and I often lose myself in the expression of movement. I have been known to “go someplace else” so to speak.

In regards to Burlesque, I have to “feel” the music first. Sometimes I have a song picked and then I construct my act around that song. Sometimes I have a concept and then I hunt for a piece of music that fits that concept. Burlesque is more of a show then a spiritual feeling. I tend to be more of a comedian on stage for Burlesque and enjoy engaging in a more twisted sense of reality.

While as a Belly dancer I almost feed off the energy of the music and movements. It is a way to express sensuality instead of sexuality and to really “feel” yourself in the current moment.

So, in a less complicated explanation… “What goes through your head when dancing?…” Absolutely nothing…. I try my best to “feel” instead of “think” when belly dancing. If I “think” to much I get in my own way and I almost lose the ability to dance.

As for Burlesque; I listen… I listen for my queues as most of my performances are improv based with at least 3 to 5 key moments where I know I need to take a specific articular of clothing off.

So there we have it, today’s topic of the day 🙂



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