Who is this ‘Wolfie’ anyway?

Please let me formally introduce myself… My name is ‘Vyxen VonWolfie’ though most call me ‘Wolfie’.  I am a woman, a very curvy, full woman in search for the discovery of self and the desire in locating the switchboard which allows me to feel confident, voluptuous and beautiful.

In my journey I have had many triumphs and turmoil’s but as with many of us I always find myself coming back out on top!  I have a passion for dance, music, and crafty things. I have studied Ballet, Belly dance and dabbled in Burlesque; don’t ask me to sing though, I am about as rough as a woodpecker on a lamp poll!

My path of self-love brought me to perform with a Olympia WA based Burlesque Troupe Rock Candy Burlesqueit was here that I really began to love myself in the body that I have. It was also here that I ran into the amazing Heather Schofner who I have had the privilege to work with!

I speak of Burlesque in the past tense as my mundane life is undergoing some major changes causing me to take a performance hiatus. However this is allowing me to move forward in my pursuit of modeling and supporting the Vet community.

So the adventures begin!



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